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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Event Blogging: "Winning as a Pro-Life Candidate" by Rod Bruinooge

Intro by Rebecca Walberg. Socons and fiscals can be united. We need to stop apologizing for who we are, pro-life can be a winning strategy. Canada has one of the most radical abortion policies in the world. We need to bring pro-family back into the picture, we cannot allow the pro-choice people to define us. To be pro-life is to be pro-women rights. Abortion is dangerous and women can frequently be coerced into it. Women often see no other option to abortion. We believe that women should be given all the information and that both women and children should be given care. We believe in the humanity of the child and in our collective humanity. Abortion is a matter of social justice, minorities and poor women are more likely to have abortions. Often this is a barely disguised form of eugenics.

Rod Bruinooge is of Aboriginal background, he has a young family and is a very staunch supporter of pro-life and family policies. He won in an unlikely riding on a very strong moral stand.

Rod Bruinooge

Social conservative, particularly pro-life views are not a liability but an asset. I am in a very liberal urban riding. Conservatives have only won twice in 100 years.

PowerPoint Presentation

Winning as a Pro-Life Candidate in Urban Canada. There is a mantra in Canada that you don't flaunt your pro-life views. The pro-life label can build a winning coalition because it can cause people to change parties in your favour. It is the most powerful issue in Canada. If you stand on this issue the media will get your message out and other people will respect you.

There are factions within the abortion debate.

Hard Pro-Life – abortion should be illegal in Canada

Pro-Life with Conditions – abortion should not be banned outright but are in favour of increasing information for women like ultrasounds pre abortion, third-trimester banned.

Hard Pro-Choice – Abortion always for any reason.

Soft Pro-Choice – abortion should be legal but there should be some limitations. Essentially the same as pro-life with conditions.

Pro-Choice What is it?

Informed consent – No

Laws against partner coercion – No

Prevention of Female Selection abortions – No

Acknowledge incredible science on unborn – No


Well over 2/3rds of Canadians support some limits.

Fewer than 10% support abortion up until the final moment of pregnancy.

Other Facts

Most Pro-life candidates and Mps are in Conservative party

Social Conservatives are the base of the party.

Polling Data – How the question is asked is everything in this debate.

The abortion advocates abuse all information, because the data is skewed.

2/3 Canadians believe there are existing abortion laws.

Urban Polling Data

Pro- Choice 48%
Pro-Life 30%
Pro-Life with Conditions 22%

Winning Elections

In 2004 Bruinooge ran a quiet PL campaign and lost by 6500 votes.
2006 ran a louder PL campaign and won by 111 votes.
While there were other factors this stance probably helped.
2008 ran a pronounced PL campaign, media predicted 12 point loss due to “strident anti-abortion views” There is a view in the media that these views are completely unacceptable.
Won by 14.8% and 5800 votes. There was no follow up story about pro-life vindicated.

The way to keep this ball rolling is to get involved.

Pro-life messaging is important. Saying that I'm pro-life and women should have access to all information is an incremental message.

Saying that you disagree with the fact that the unborn child has no legal worth in Canada even in the final stages of pregnancy is acceptable.

He founded Aboriginal Life Circle with MY Canada to promote the aboriginal view on life which is overwhelmingly pro-life.

Winning the nation

Support pro life candidates, be involved in politics, pro-lifers are resilient.


  1. Was it Rebecca Walberg? She's a pro-life writer from Winnipeg.