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Saturday, August 1, 2009


When even China gets scared about it's demographic winter, why isn't the rest of the world panicking?

Challies has three excellent quotes on boys and men.

Very rational indeed, and also very rational to tell kids that they can prove a universal negative. Do none of these guys study logic?

I can't believe that I have to write about this but since everyone else is... Telegraph-Journal apologizes to the Prime Minister for telling lies. Michael Harris asks the million dollar question, how did this happen anyway? Deborah Gyapong wants to know why all the anti-Catholics are now so offended that anyone would dare insult the sacrament.
Our dear, dear friend Warren Kinsella has threatened to bring a lawsuit against LifeSiteNews of all people. Does he never get tired? To quote, "What the supposed Christians at Lifesite published is, pardon the expression, a ********* lie. And they are going to pay for it, big time." Google Cache stuff at Blazing Cat Fur. Original article at LifeSite. Warren Kinsella's threat letter here. Don't you dare give in LifeSite!!!! Oh and that is so rich, Kinsella calling LifeSite "supposed Christians" after the way he uses God's name.

The United Church discredited itself a long time ago, but still.

Well Franky Schaeffer all I can say is that I am so glad it is too late to change anything. You can slander and disrespect your father and what he fought for as much as you want, but evangelicals are now politically active. There is no clock to turn back. Thank you Francis Schaeffer. Via noapologies.

Ezra Levant is getting lawsuit threats again. It is worth reading the libel notice just for laughs. It is an education in and of itself. Awan seems extremely fond of the word "innuendo". Levant writes about it here and here.

Words can come back to bite you.

Exposing once again the extreme right-wing bias of the mainstream media. Remind me why neo-Nazi types are, by definition, considered right wing extremists again?

Albert Mohler on the right not to be offended.

Exchanged links with the Pugnacious Irishman. Please go check out his blog. I enjoyed it.

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