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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Round-Up, Shriveling Weeds and Catching Horses

On the "frivolous from you but not from me" embarrassment again. "The B'nai Brith is diligently disproving a stereotype about Jews. Unfortunately, it's the stereotype that we're smart." (Ezra Levant said that not me and he is Jewish, so don't sue the messenger)
Oh and by the way, why does the B'nai Brith have a "Report a Hate Crime" button on their website? Shouldn't real hate crimes be reported to the police? And aren't most others probably frivolous? What on earth is the B'nai Brith planning on doing with the information they get? (P.S. I'm not sure if Levant's post is working properly, hopefully just my computer)

We all know that the British education system is bad but is it really possible that they are so illiterate (or assume everyone else is so illiterate) that they could really name a science organization that advises the government N.I.C.E and no one said "Uh, you know guys, maybe this ain't such a good idea after all...". Does anyone read C.S. Lewis anymore? Anyone? Anyone?

According to some this isn't a very nice little N.I.C.E. either.

In other news, Jennifer Lynch is still complaining that human rights commission spokespersons are being chilled. Guess what, it is called marginalizing fringe fanatics. Otherwise known as democracy. I don't support anonymous death threats obviously but as the Vancouver Sun noted
"While she didn't identify her critics, Lynch has complained previously about attacks against her by Steyn, commentator Ezra Levant, various other bloggers, and politicians such as B.C. Conservative MP Russ Hiebert."
In other words, politicians and political activists criticizing a government body.
Denyse O'Leary suggests some worthwhile activities that the HRC could be engaging in, like child sex trafficking.
Blazing Cat Fur points out that appealing to lawyers is... appealing to Ezra Levant and co. to spread public information about HRC. Except I thought that was the problem....

Psalm Trees has an article about young earth creationism. Well worth reading as a basic introduction to the subject. It doesn't go into any detail and thus gives no proof for a young earth, but it is a good overview of who we are (and aren't) and why YEC is a legitimate option to consider despite the scientific community's opposition.

The prophets of doom and gloom return. This time with only 4 months to save the planet. So, will we get an apology when disaster doesn't occur in the near future? Didn't think so.

Does the Ontario HRT really want to make it illegal for any cop to arrest and/or question any person who belongs to a different race? Actually do they want to make it illegal for people of different races to talk to each other? Because it seems to me that that would be the only way you could be sure that you weren't violating the HRT racism standard. Although not talking to anyone of a different race would also be racist. This would also prohibit communication between the sexes (good luck with that one people, last I heard even abstinence was considered impractical by lefties). And prohibit non-communication between the sexes. And people of different religions (don't even mention the evangelism word) On pain of we will ruin your life by branding you a bigot. Hermit-hood never sounded so good....
Although as Freedom Through Truth would say, my reference to people of different races/sexes/religions/you name it not being able to communicate is heavily euphemistic, since we all know that the HRT is engaged in massive racial/sexist/religious profiling themselves and that only some people would get into trouble....

I'll bet he didn't mean for it to become public. So much more convenient to blackmail under secrecy.

David Warren on the differences between "niceness", "candor", and "thuggery" and why, all things considered, he prefers "candor". Especially the blunt kind.

We are hearing more and more frequently about the need to stop having babies in order to combat global warming. This is replacing the dire warnings to stop having babies or else we will run out of food. The terrible disaster about to befall us seems to be very flexible, as one is disproved the next diligently comes forward to take it's place. The only consistent thing is that kids are bad. Very bad. So now we have a demographic winter. And kids are still bad. Very bad. Anyone else seeing some kind of ulterior philosophy going on here?

I just love cell animations, so you should too. Via Wintery Knight.

Also from Wintery Knight, why on earth are women allowed to get away with murder in our courts?

The BCHRT has decided that inherited supernatural powers do not constitute a physical disability and that being a problem student can get you legitimately kicked out of an Energy Healing Program.... after only 2 years.

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