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Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Long and Thanks for all the Mess

They tell us we have to thank them for all the progress that they’ve made. Our parents and grandparents did so much to make the world a better place for us, the youngsters of today. So now we want to write that thank you card and remember the freedoms they won, the trusts they guarded.

Thanks a lot for bankrupting our nation by collecting massive pensions and benefits that you never paid for. We are paying for them, but we will never collect our money because the system will be bankrupt long before then.

Thanks a lot for telling us that kids are a burden. You only had a few because they’d mess up your plans. We don’t know who will look after you in your old age but we don’t really care because we think that you are a burden too.
Thanks a lot for telling us that autonomy is the greatest good and no one else should set our rules. Destroying our bodies, minds, and spirits, with indulgence, greed, and lust. After all, we’re not hurting anybody else.

Thanks a lot for telling us to make love and not make war. Now we are dying of AIDS and killing our babies by the millions. Great help that was. Besides we still are at war, we just got the double whammy.

Thanks a lot for telling us how great birth control was. Comprehensive sex-ed in schools would make STDs a thing of the past, or so the snake oilers said. You just forgot to tell us that condoms aren’t full protection and that abstinence is possible.
Thanks a lot for saying that marriage doesn’t matter. We divorce our partners quickly and shatter our kids lives. Little eyes ask us when Daddy is coming home, they don’t know how to understand never. Till death do us part? We start to laugh, but it becomes a cry.

Thanks a lot for telling us abortion was a right. Leaving broken hearted girls to smother their guilty feelings in silence because what they did was the best option. Wasn’t it?

Thanks a lot for telling us there is no morality and that virtues are old-fashioned. Why didn’t you tell us there was right and wrong before we messed up our lives? Isn’t that what you’re there for? Why did we have to learn the hard way?
Thanks a lot for telling us religion and reason are opposed. Feeding us Chicken Soup for the Soul and tenth-rate rock bands in church while leaving intelligence to the nihilists. You wonder when we leave and think that you’re just an old fool. Could it be because you never told us that great Christians could think too?

Thanks a lot for telling us that a woman’s life is not worthwhile unless she’s like a man. Our kids get warehoused in daycare while we shuffle paper for some boss. They force us to celebrate equal opportunity while we hide our emptiness under the mask of Prozac and fake smiles. Why can’t we just go home?

Thanks a lot for assuming that you are smarter than hundreds of years of legal tradition. You thought that you could throw out laws and conventions left, right, and centre. Now people want assisted suicide, and we’re fighting for free speech. Our foundations are crumbling and we haven’t found what’s underneath.

Thanks for giving us a world where morality is relative, murder is okay, marriage is a joke, divorce is expected, taxes are sky-high, self-control is replaced with force, love is everything but it doesn’t exist, self-fulfilment is the greatest good but we don’t know what fulfilment means, politics is dirty, the economy is crashing, and gangs are roaming further.

I know I’m only twenty but I think I’m old enough to see that something has to change and we don’t have very much time. I know they told you that the youth wanted all this but did we really? Or did we just trust that you had all the answers? Now you’ve made hell trying to find utopia. You wanted free love and free money but we pay the price. You said you were doing it for us, but you did it for yourselves.

Our nation has a hangover after your party, and we live in the morning after. Is there really much left to say except so long and thanks for all the mess?

Dignity of the Person

Essay in answer of the question: What is the dignity of the person and where does it find its source?

The dignity of the person consists of the image of God, intrinsic in the soul and spirit, glorifying the body, and remaining in all men regardless of circumstance or ability.

The dignity of the person is founded in the belief that mankind is unique in creation. We are not merely animals and thus have both rights and duties. Out duties are not a negation of our liberty and dignity but an affirmation of them. We reject the error that rights are the substance of life and happiness but affirm that they are the protection of it. We gain happiness not by demanding that our rights be the most important thing in our world, but by the laying down of ourselves and becoming the servant of all.

The dignity of the person is violated by some limitations and upheld by others. Those limitations which are legitimate, far from infringing on the dignity of man, uphold it by protecting individuals from the sinful passions of others. We establish the difference between limitations that infringe and limitations that liberate based on the revealed and natural law. From whence comes the dignity, also comes the definition of dignity.

All men are created equal. We are equally sinners, equally in need of restraint both internal and external, equally in need of grace, and equally made in the image of God. Our dignity cannot be granted, nor revoked, by any man or group of men because it has a higher source than any possible human construct.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News for Now

I see Britain has never really gotten over it's colonial ambitions. They may not rule the world of arms but they think they can rule the world of thought. Good luck guys.

I am now a World Youth Alliance member. Eat your hearts out pro-choice, feminists, you won't get me. I am now a fighter for the opposite side and if you say that I am a weak minded Barbie doll female prepare to be disproven. Vigorously.

And speaking of feminists... "I should have ditched feminism for love, children and baking" The tyranny of traditions made by bigoted misogynists might not be so tyrannical after all...

Inquiring minds want to know. How can one be prohibited from publishing anything that might belittle someone else, and then say that nothing in this law restricts the exercise of free of expression. Didn't Orwell have a word for that... (Section 14 btw)

"discrimination is about attitudes... and transformation. It's not only about due process." Anyone else feeling a little sick to the stomach? This is not funny. It is sick, it is sad, it is scary. To misquote Chesterton "Our masters could, and probably will, put thought control into an immediate practical programme while we are all discussing the dreadful danger of somebody else putting it into a distant Utopia." - GK's Weekly, 1/17/31

The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide. Haven't read the book myself, but it sure sounds like something I would like my future husband to keep beside his bed. Guess what guys, if anyone wants to court me and forgets to hold the door, he might be wasting his time. If I keep writing provocative articles self-defence and gun know-how might come in handy to.

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