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Monday, September 28, 2009

Round-Up, Shriveling Weeds and Catching Horses

Whatsoever a man sowes, that shall he reap. I love irony. Actually let me rephrase that, I LOVE irony. Particularly this brand. Richard Warman, our serial section 13 hate-speech complainant is being prosecuted for - wait for it - hate speech. You remember all those hundreds of racist, bigoted, anti-semitic comments that Warman posted in an effort to entrap all those other guys who were writing racist, bigoted, anti-semitic comments? And remember the thousands of dollars he was awarded for doing so? Well the HRC has finally had second thoughts about that approach (now that the entire nation of Canada has succeeded in picking it's corporate chin off the ground and is, with the help of time and counselling, getting over it's shock at the antics of Warman and co.) and is prosecuting him for his "disturbing" and "disappointing" conduct (to quote a Human Rights Tribunal). With any luck the ludicrous nature of the whole affair will only help in the effort to abolish hate-speech laws. Which would be poetic revenge at it's best. (Ezra Levant)

To paraphrase a political cartoon I saw a little while ago, the leaves are falling, the birds are flying south, and Canadians are having a federal election. Well, in this case, maybe having a federal election. I am all in favour of an election if there is any chance of the Conservatives getting a majority. We have had minority governments (if you can call a minority a government) for too long. Yes I know Canada wanted a minority but now the honeymoon is over, where do we sign up for a divorce? (Reuters, CBC, Reuters)

Further proof that feminism does not want equality. On another note, if these women are really "stars" then why do they need reserved seats? Do they really want to win by slipping the ace out of their sleeve? (CBC)

In the war against poverty, any bets that the left will address this issue? (MercatorNet)

We are mourning the slight. (Reuters)

Can you imagine how this might affect children adopted from China? To wonder all their lives if they were abandoned, or kidnapped from families which might still grieve them? Or parents who adopted? Not to mention the obvious, parents who lost their children. The tragic result of government taking on the role of family planner, what do you do when reality isn't that conformable? Worse, as the west is figuring out, what do you do when reality IS that conformable? (Family Edge)

Related to my last post, another success story where active individuals changed things through the power of media. (MercatorNet)

Why do I have this nasty feeling that someone, somewhere, is somehow going to see the solution to this problem as abortion on demand. (Demography is Destiny)

Anyone who didn't suspect the existence of this type of thing (and much worse) has not studied human nature to much effect. There is a quote in Fiddler on the Roof that, to paraphrase, says, "If the rich could pay the poor to die for them, we would all make a very good living."

Funny how the left is not running through the streets screaming that they do not condone such behavior. At least they haven't that I've noticed anyway. Why does the left get a free pass while the right is always having to apologize? Just not "fair".(LifeSite, Sentinal)

This would be disturbing on a few different levels if I had any respect or concern for the United Church. The last time I was in a United Church (Don't even ask....) they had changed the hymn "This is My Father's World" to "This is God's Wondrous World", and the "sermon" was about butterflies.....or something. But shouldn't even they have second thoughts about this? Then again, why would they? When you appoint Madeline Basset as your high priestess and chief theologian (as Credenda would say) what else do you expect? The First Church of Gaia has small concern for humanity. (National Post)

The HRC are in damage protection mode. So, after seven years, the Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald are off the hook for their hate speech which "catalogued several allegations of duplicity, manipulation, atrocity and hypocrisy on the part of Palestinian leaders in their dealings with Israel." The Calgary Herald is NOT helping the HRC out with their damage protection scheme. Key point, if you want public support, don't alienate the media. (WLCU, Herald)

Jim Corcoran "firstly bringing the attention to me once again and, secondly, identifying me as an abhorrent, disobedient Catholic." How about this, firstly: Who brought the complaint in the first place?! and secondly: a) If the shoe fits, wear it. b) Just what do you think church authority is for anyway? c) Well when a Christian uses a secular agency to attack and vilify his church..... My congratulations to Bishop De Angelis for his brave and principled stand against the Canadian government rewriting church law. The church is not subject to the decrees of the Dominion of Canada where it interferes with church doctrine (barring, say, murder). The church is a foreign embassy of another Kingdom. That is why they are tax exempt and why refugees have sanctuary in a church. Would the Canadian government really go into the Sudanese embassy to make sure they weren't engaging in religious or sexual discrimination in their hiring practices? I didn't think so. (LifeSiteNews)

Whatever happened to "If you are offended, just walk away"? Whatever happened to the right to evangelize? Whatever happened to all those nice people who assured us that laws against evangelism were only delusions in the mind of paranoid right-wing conspiratorial nutcases who indulged in illegal vegetation? If it comes to that, whatever happened to equality under the law? Because I dare any British Christians to try using this against, for example, Richard Dawkins. (Vlad)

Related: No evangelizing AND no crucifixes. If the Church of England had any conviction they would remove the word England from their name. But they don't. Except for the conviction that apologizing to Darwin is a Christian duty. (Vlad)

At least Canada walked out. That is something to be proud of. (Salim Mansur)

Here's to the (too many) idiots left on earth who still think that blaspheming Christianity is something bold, new, and rebellious, you're so square you don't even realize there's a box. However it is rather sad. (Albert Mohler)

It reminds me of Screwtape Proposes a Toast, where everyone has to be pulled down to one level in the name of "democracy" and "being like folks". If everyone has to "be like folks" obviously people who want to choose lifestyles traditionally considered inferior have to make their choices the new norm. (Barbara Kay)

10 ways that normal people can help to save civilization. (David Warren)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Learning: Lessons for Social Conservatives from the Free Speech Movement in Canada

It was a motley party from the beginning. A confusing mess of Jews and Neo-Nazis, die-hard social conservatives and liberals (not to mention libertarians), gay rights activists and priests and pastors who have dedicated their lives to opposing gay rights activists. The weapons of choice were blogs and publicity stunts, but mostly blogs. You know, those online diaries where people pontificate around like their opinions are the most important things in the world and usually have a readership of -well- not a lot. This collection of rag-tag fire-breathing radicals was attacking a decades old law and a nicely established government department. A government department moreover that monopolized most of the feel-good words. Human rights, anti-hate, reconciliation, arbitration, anti-discrimination, and had a whole host of feel-bad words to toss at their opponents, hate-mongerers, bigots, racists, Nazis, regressive, anti-human rights, right-wing extremists, unfeeling, marginal, obnoxious.

No bookie would have given this collection, held together with as much duct tape and Tim Horton’s coffee as anything else, better than very long odds on getting the Human Rights Commissions to acknowledge their existence, much less anything more. It looked like another tedious social conservative-type stand-off where a few “radicals” stormed around talking a lot and achieving nothing while the status quo slipped blithely along without registering more than an occasional little ripple to give some interest to an otherwise boring monotony.

But this time it was different. This time they got publicity. This time they got the attention of their opponents and had them squealing in short order. This time they gained momentum. This time, although it is far to early to be sure, eventual victory is starting to look very likely, if not almost certain. This time they aren’t withering in obscurity, they are not on the defensive, they are on the offensive and the enemy is retreating and deserting rapidly.

How could this happen and what can we learn from it?

The Power of the Active Individual: Okay so this is very clich├ęd but do I get extra points for it being true? Every cause needs a hero to rally around or, failing that, a martyr. Most if not all social justice movements have rallied behind a person or a few people. The free speech movement got a major boost when the Alberta Human Rights Tribunal made the worst mistake in their history. They accepted a complaint by Imam Syed Sohawardy against lawyer and editor Ezra Levant for reprinting the Danish Mohammed cartoons. The old saying that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church is a very broadly applicable principle. Levant, as well as others, took theorizing to the level of practical action. They were willing to risk prosecution and spend their time and money to advance a cause that they believed in. Without them, people could have chattered about theories forever, but cases like Levant and Steyn and Boissoin and more forced people to sit up and take notice. Levant won his case, or rather got it dismissed (Which, as he explains, is not really a win), but the experience opened his eyes to the direction that the HRC were taking and once he started talking the government quickly realized that he was impossible to shut up.

The Power of a Dedicated Minority and the Media and/or Alternative Media: You can have individuals making heroic stands but if no one ever hears about them they are done for. In this case the bloggers and friendly journalists took the stories from the individuals to ordinary people. People who could donate money, talk to their neighbours, write to their politicians, start blogs of their own, and just generally begin to form the core of a growing minority. A minority that was active and concerned. What percentage of Canadians are gay? What percentage of Canadians opposed gay marriage? Who won? Not the majority, the minority that was willing to spend time, words, and money like water to advance their agenda. Another point to remember is that the established media is still more widely respected than blogs. One article in a major city newspaper is almost certainly worth more than a hundred blog posts. Social conservatives are facing an uphill, and probably futile, battle as long as the media is their enemy.

The Power of Polemicism: This idea I stole unapologetically from Mark Steyn. Some people feel annoyed and uncomfortable with extreme political speech, however it serves an invaluable service in the sphere of political and ideological discourse. The vast majority of people do not want to be seen as extreme radicals. They want to be seen as left of centre or right of centre. Therefore the extremists on both sides are not really effective in persuading the majority to agree with them, but they are effective in moving the centre. Most people may not be comfortable with the idea of a Fire. Them. All. approach but because of it they may be emboldened to advocate for reform. After all, they aren't like THOSE extremists.

The Power of Scratching Below the Surface: In today’s society we have an ingrained set of politically correct responses to any issue. Hate speech laws, well of course we don’t want people spouting hateful speech all over the place. Human Rights Commissions, well isn’t it good that we have an organization to look after human rights? But if you scratch below the surface and start to explain to people what these things are really about, they can have an entirely different response. Hate speech laws, you are censoring who for saying what?! Human Rights Commissions, you mean I could get in trouble for doing that?!

The Power of a Greedy Enemy: The Free Speech movement took off the ground because the Human Rights Commission moved too fast too soon. They thought that they had carte blanche to deal with “hate-mongers” and didn’t realize that there was a Canada beyond the doors of their office building which might have different ideas. It was the atrocious cases where they tried to prosecute pastors and popular, mainline media that provoked the storm of outrage. No one really wants to publicly defend a neo-Nazi, but MacLeans? Or your local priest? That is something that people can defend and feel good defending.

It is not enough for conservatives to have good ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen and everyone has their dog in the fight. The ideas that really change the world are those which can win the hearts and minds of the cab driver and mechanic. The ideas and issues that get discussed over coffee at work. The ideas that inspire professors and lawyers to speak and write. The ideas that get airtime on every TV and radio network. The ideas that creep into our education system. The ideas that a dedicated minority push in every possible way until they become in the minds of your average Joe to be self-evident truth. Women have a right to their own bodies, well I guess that kinda makes sense. People shouldn’t fill newspapers with Nazi propaganda, yeah I agree with that. We shouldn’t interfere with what people do in their bedrooms, well I guess not.

Certainly these points are hardly original. However, I believe that we need to focus on victories as well as defeats. We need to study winning strategies. We need to know why we win and why we lose. To use a popular saying, if we do not study history we are doomed to repeat it. Let’s not repeat the mistakes which have given us 40 years of legal abortion. Let’s not repeat the mistakes that have lost us almost every war we have tried to fight. If the liberals and social engineers can alter the heartbeat of a nation so that abortion, gay marriage, and censorship becomes the normal status quo, we can alter it back.

Remember: Politicians want to get elected. If they start to loose elections because of their stance on Human Rights Commissions do you think they won’t notice? I promise you, they will.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sorry for the long time no write. Call this my vacation, I am going camping tomorrow.