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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Going to Hell in a Handbag

about what is needed to revitalize the church.

and get men into it

Without making them feel like this

Wintery Knight thinks we should focus more on science


and debate

Drew thinks that there is an "overall lack of substance" to blame

and that the church needs a lot more all-round intellectualism

better doctrine

(sorry Drew, couldn't help it)

(is this better?)

and expositionary preaching

They both agree about one thing though, the church is way too feminized.


and includes too many group hugs

While Stephen of Psalm Trees (who isn't fighting, just for the record but I thought that this article had some relevance)

has some excellent views on the importance of doctrine in the church.

says that learning about doctrine is an important part of spiritual maturity

Right thinking is important to right living

Right thinking is part of loving God with our minds

And part of following Christ is following Him as He is

Miss Marprelate upon weighing the different points of view

Agrees with all of them more or less

and would suggest a group hug

except that she would be accused of being an emotional female

so she won't


  1. Awwwww! This is so wonderful! Where did you ever find all of these terrific pictures?

    Thanks for writing this post!

  2. One of the BIG lessons were learned at Biola this past summer is that
    "Apologists must be good theologians."
    So where does this put me in the brawl between these two mighty oaks?

  3. L...O....L


  4. It puts you closer to Drew. I think theology is important, but I didn't emphasize it.

    In his book "Classical Apologetics", I believe R.C. Sproul writes at the beginning that theology is Queen of the Sciences, and apologetics is her handmaiden. She introduces people to the Queen and demonstrates her majesty.

    Theology is more important overall, like Rebekah says, but apologetics is more important at the beginning. If you don't make sure people realize that you are telling them the truth by citing evidence and encountering objections, they may think that you are just telling them YOUR PREFERENCES.

    When you talk about logic and evidence, as well as encoutering opposing views, then they know you are trying to tell them the way the world really is. You set the tone for your theological points. You say "these are not just my preferences that I am telling you - this is true for you, too!"

    I am worried about how theology is perceived if we don't lay the foundation to show that God is real and that Jesus' teachings should be considered given that God raised him from the dead.

    So I hope I haven't been mean!

  5. Well, Only God can save mankind from any disaster. So repent. That's all I can say.