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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Event Blogging: "Reaching the Young" by Faytene Kryskow

Faytene Kryskow with My Canada. An organization targeted at young people between 15 and 35.

One of the things that they have been committed to doing in this movement is waking Canada up to the fact that they exist. There are actually young people who are committed to traditional values. The Great Canadian Lie is that such young Canadians do not exist. Most young people are not interested in economics but they do care about social issues. If you study the history of movements they are fuelled by youth power. If the conservative movement is to survive then it needs the power, and ideas, and innovations of youth. In 2006 Facebook came on the scene and, for example, Faytene has 3300 friends that she can invite to an event. Youth just need leadership and practical ways to help.

Second point is that there is a new normal in Canada. Young people are drinking, smoking, using drugs, and having sex less. The majority of young Canadians want the age of consent raise to 16 yrs. 9 out of 10 kids don’t approve of extra-marital affairs. And 43% want one parent to stay at home.

58-9% of young people engaged in some kind of political activism or activity other than voting.

16-25% boycotted or choose a product based on ethical issues. (Numbers vary depending on the age bracket)

Obama had a good touch for understanding the passion of young people which was a reason why he won.

Vast numbers of young people do not vote. This is a huge, untapped voting block. Politicians need to find out what makes young people tick if they want to get into office. They are more involved in activist activities than older people so they are into the issues, but they aren't voting.

Young people are not into economic issues, they are into social issues. The conservatives are boring young people and are not offering them what they want.

They went onto the streets of Ottawa asking young people, if you could say anything to a Member of Parliament and if you found one who was into those issues would you vote for them and work for them.

Some clips were shown of young people concerned about gang violence, aboriginal issue, city planning, euthanasia and assisted suicide, taxes, poverty. All of the young people shown would vote and most would volunteer if a politician would address their concern.

CBC poll on Facebook poll for youth on their wish for Canada. Out of over 3,000 options, the number one wish was for the ending of abortion.

Faytene’s personal flash-point was when Mr. Martin said “We believe that we are representing the views of the next generation” about legalizing gay marriage. However the CBC poll disagrees with this.

What are the socons giving the young people to rally to?

My Canada’s achievements: From 10 young adults they have gotten to a solid membership of 5,000 people and an online membership of 50,000 people. Several hundred have visited parliaments, there have been 400 sit down meetings with parliamentarians. Full time volunteer internships. Regularly published in national media and on talk shows. Volunteering and working in campaigns.

Summary: We exist.
We won't work for pizza we will work for passion.
Socially conservative give more than liberals, so if you want money and help, running as a socon is a good idea.

Where to Find Us:
#1 Rule for this game is don't play games. Give them something solid.
If you are real then MY Canada will mobilize a team for you.
Be on university campuses and find their cause groups.
Youth Groups and young adults.
Facebook is your friend.
If you make your cause known they will find you.
The future is bright and this demographic is serious but not naive.

Q: Is My Canada really non-partisan? Do you believe that Christian values are coming to the forefront?
A: It is non-partisan when it comes to political parties. Yes, Biblical wisdom is social wisdom. Young people are waking up to moral wisdom, that happens to be in line with Biblical wisdom, whatever the inspiration. It is now hip to be holy.

Q: The media has succeeded in convincing older people that young people are liberal but is that only a false veneer?
A: The young people are cause orientated. Secondly there is a movement back to conservative values particularly on drugs and sex. There is a media veneer and bias. There is a new normal in Canada.

Q: Does My Canada support other organizations other than political campaigns
A: Every history maker is focused. They do have issue pages that would link other organizations.

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