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Friday, July 17, 2009

Amazing Grace

A Collection of Amazing Grace Renditions

Leann Rimes, Female Vocalist

Il Divo, Male Quartet with Bagpipes

The Von Trapp Children, Accapella Quartet
These are the grandchildren of the Baron and Maria Von Trapp, they only sing the first verse of Amazing Grace before doing "Down to the River"

Group of Children Singing in a Train Station

Josh Wilson Acoustic Guitar

The Cactus Cuties

Amazing Grace/My Chains are Gone Pro-Life

Chris Tomlin

Soweto Gospel Choir

Yolanda Adams

(Slight liberty used with regard to exact lyrics)

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Pipe and Drums

Amazing Grace goes....Western?!?

Performed at St. Peter's Presbyterian Church by the Sea in Palos Verdes.

What modern heretical idiot decided that they had the right to change "saved a wretch like me" to "saved a soul like me"? That has so got to be indicitive of the sad state of modern Christianity.

Amazing Grace Western Mass. Style to the tune Fiducia

Unique Version of Amazing Grace in... Spanish?

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