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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bits of Stuff

90% of people are annoyed by other people's cellphone habits but only 38% admit to being annoying. Anyone else know how to spell the words i-n d-e-n-i-a-l.
This is one of those examples of the necessity of self-control. If people used their cell phones responsibly and respectably we wouldn't have to talk about banning cell phones while driving or posting no cell phones signs. However because people abuse their cells everyone suffers a decrease of freedom. We will either govern ourselves or we will be governed by others. I know which one I'd rather choose.

Why does everyone assume that young people like stuff that is dumb as bricks? They are in college or highschool, this is the time of their life when they are supposed to be learning and exploring truth. Then they go into the church and get hit with "7 Steps to a Better You" and either blaring music on too small sound systems or "I Come to the Garden Alone, when the dew is still on the roses" (You have to hear it to believe it, especially when sung by a bunch of old ladies). Is anyone surprised when they latch on to something with a history of intelligence?
P.S. Are they still using the "Calvinists won't be evangelistic" chestnut? Still? Still?
P.P.S. The original article putting The New Calvinism as #3 on 10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now.

I should be mad at Credenda Agenda. I should be sending off furious letters by daily post demanding that they reinstitute Canadian delivery forthwith. I could bring a human rights complaint for the agony that I am suffering as a result of this terrible deprivation based on nationality. Sure they have the back issues on their website but they are always way behind, the latest one was issued in February. Let me spell this out for the guys over in Moscow in case they don't get it. I-already-read-that-one. It is now July and I am suffering withdrawal. True they seem to have added a few extra back issues that never made it onto the site before so I am okay for the next week or two but then what? A lifetime of Credenda deprivation stares me in the face and they don't care! What was so hard about raising the Canadian subscription rates to cover their costs, eh? eh? I would bring a human rights lawsuit except for the fact that if our HRC friends read their magazine they would reinstitute the death penalty and send in some bounty hunters to kidnap them and bring them to Canada to stand trail for infecting the minds of the youth. (If hemlock grows in Canada they can purchase it locally and that will double as a stimulus package) And yet, who can get angry with Credenda, really. It would be like getting mad at a bunch of koala bears (no I don't know why I choose the metaphor, it just seemed to fit). Anyway just to show how Christian and forgiving I am I will link to them. Maybe affirmative psychology will work better than ranting. And maybe, just maybe, if we are all asks nice enough and we beggs the nice Credendies to give us back our precioussss they will resume their Canadian delivery or at least keep the site up to date. We dream.
P.S. The Credendies are also responsible for the name of this blog. They wrote an article about the Marprelate Tracts and I thought that a Puritan protesting the Star Chamber and religious censorship was a good inspiration for a Reformed anti-HRC blog.
P.P.S. Okay, whose idea was it to put the new issues up using PDF only? Do you have any idea how tough that is on dial-up? I wanted to link to the article about mail-order brides but I can't find it because loading an issue in search of it would take 2 hours according to my computer.
P.P.P.S. Oh yeah, the links. Try here, here, and here, for random samples of their Cave of Adullam column (you know the creepy thing? I think this stuff is all true.) And some from Cretan Times, this one is particularly good (While I'm complaining, where did the Cretan Times go lately?) Just to round it off, The Ethics of Practical Joking (If any of my readers ever visit my house, don't you dare)

Just because I am not Australian and therefore I can.  "Tune Into The Truth"

I could get fined $11,000 a day for this link if I lived down under. At least it reminds us that life could always get worse, we could have Australian laws.
Inexplicably, a forklift/vehicle? (It's not even in English) company in Holland is also banned, were they hiding drugs in tires?
And the big question is, would this post cost me $11,000 or $22,000 a day?

Ecology and Economics trump Christian evangelism. Individual salvation is a heretical myth. Yawn, what else do you expect from the ACLU and the Freedom from Religion Foundation. Oh wait, I got my sources wrong, how about the Presiding (female) Bishop of the Episcopal Church? On second thoughts, yawn again.

So what would saying "Christianity is true, all other religions are false if they don't believe what we believe, and their miracles are either delusions or demonic." rate according to this law?

Fundamentalist Christians and atheists on the same side. Who's left to fight against? Oh, I forgot, the HRCs.

Volition - A film by Tim and Matthew Morgan. Free no less.

How dare those grubby little peasants be "organized and educated". Don't they know that they are supposed to submit unquestioningly to the guidance of their masters, the wise and caring directors of society?

I'm not a student so I can't take the survey but it sounds a very good idea. Ranking schools based on their attitude towards religion would certainly be helpful to many prospective students.

A decent enough article but the real reason I linked to it was that I loved the book picture that goes with it. In the interests of full disclosure I don't know if the book is worth reading or not, but the title is.

How utterly and profoundly tasteless. To mock such a gallant and creative campaign to save those beautiful living darts of silver by calling his sea kitten Spicy Tuna Roll. He should have had the common decency to call it something more sweet and furry. Like Miss Molly's Gourmet Tuna Steak Feline Food.
P.S. I would humbly suggest that Warren Kinsella might have some expert knowledge about the intersection of kitties and fish. Say, on barbecues.

Fetuses found to have memories. Now that is so cute. Mama can talk to her baby before it is born and have reason to hope that it might remember her voice when it is born. Can I say cute again. How about the word alive.

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