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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Word and Image

Reflecting on the fact that most Christians don't even know what the word means. How about this for a definition. This and this for an explanation of what that ignorance and hostility to truth translates to. And this to put it to music.


Well I don't agree with most of Xanthippa's personal opinions but it wouldn't surprise me a bit if there was some validity in this analysis of the Canadian public's response to Harper's Communion scandal.

You know, like, those people.

How does that song go again... "You say that you're tolerant and open minded, well here's your chance to prove it to me, Tolerate this."

If I may quote the article itself, "The Church of England unveils a two-in-one wedding and baptism liturgy today as it seeks to make peace with families “living in sin”." Just what we need, encourage unwed parenthood in a nation where 32% of births are already outside marriage. What's wrong with having two ceremonies rather than writing a new liturgy? It's a shameless publicity stunt.

Do they not even get that suggesting that some people are excluded from the Bible is highly offensive to Christians of ALL stripes? Via Blazing Cat Fur - "Nope no riots yet"

Ontario Human Rights Commission accused of ignoring human rights issues to engage in activism and nonsensical meddling.

German homeschool girl put into a mental institute because she had "school phobia". Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's.

Some new words for your dictionary. I have to admit that I also have my binkings embossed in gold and framed on the wall. Maybe someday, somewhere, someone will refer to my posts as binking. Then I can die happily.

Objective proof that using societal pressure to squash offensive hate speech works. Just like the free speechers said it would.

Application accepted for World Youth Alliance Online Training Program. Very pleased. Now I have over 340 pages of stuff to read in about six weeks.

Ultimate disconnect with reality.

My Auntie's paintings. I like this one but I really wish she would post the one with pears in canning jars. Hint, hint.

Wintery Knight illustrates my inner alter ego.

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