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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Any Ally in a War

Predictably I can’t find our copy of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed just when I need it. So this will have to be a rough quote from memory. “The liberal Christians have been fighting with the conservative Christians for so long that they will side with anyone against (the conservatives).”

I think that this is a fairly relevant quote to an important question. Why are the liberal/atheist/pro-homosexual people who run the HRCs and other liberal organizations and agencies so supportive of ideologies and groups (like Muslims) who are really even more antithetical to their positions then Christians are?

The answer in a few words is that socially-conservative Christians are their traditional enemies. Right now we are the major problem, we are the ones who need to be defeated and marginalized. We have the most societal clout and we could do them the most damage if we had the will and brains to do so.

However that won’t necessarily stay the same forever. Does anyone seriously believe that if Christians become a non-issue and Muslims start to become a powerful force the liberals won’t turn? It has not yet really happened in Europe but I think we have every reason to assume it might eventually. Will homosexuals roll over and play dead when it is Muslims agitating for anti gay marriage laws instead of Christians?

This is why it is important for people to resist this type of censorship law even when they are on the politically correct side of the censorship. You may not be politically correct forever. Just ask Ezra Levant if most people ever thought that Jews could be investigated in Canada for not obeying sharia law.

There is no real sympathy between the fundamentalist Islamic and the radical lesbian atheistic vision of the world. At some point one will have to give. And at that point, I think Muslims will regret the precedents that are being set now, just as many Jews are regretting the precedents that were set in the past.

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