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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Assorted nice and "NICE" peoples

Just imagine the repercussions if people discovered that we didn't really need oh so many government workers after all. (shotgun blog)

You know the more I hear about Bishop Nazir-Ali the more I like. He is one of Britain's last Anglican bishops that understands, well, that he is supposed to be a Christian. However did he get appointed? Related:Your majesty, we thank you. (associated press, Telegraph)

Our God, is government-sanctioned, he reigns in everyone, In wisdom, love, and tolerance, our God doesn't discriminate. Copyright: Liberalism Inc. (TomintheBox)

Wow, just like so, just, like, regressive eh? (LifeSiteNews)

Doctors are against it, disability rights associations are against it, religious groups are against it, many governments are against it, who is for it? (telegraph, ragged edge, telegraph, assistedsuicide)

Okay, okay, but can humans now sue animals for injuring them? And can they collect in forced labour or will "fertilizer" be an accepted monetary substitute? (secondhand smoke)

But meddling with Israel is okay. As long as the Israelis don't like it. (TimesOnline)

With all due respect to the Pope, isn't a global organization with "real teeth" more likely to be anti-Catholic ideals than pro-Catholic ideals? (USA Today)

Who is the authoritarian anti-choice totalitarian now eh? Putting elderly men in jail for distributing pro-life material. Remind me why we don't like Iran again? (Freedom through Truth)

While sewing and doing laundry I listened to some Albert Mohler. "Making the Christian Case for Life" and "A Wicked Deed in Wichita". Supposedly this book comes highly recommended. Albert Mohler, The case for life)

Kevin Swanson also on the death of Tiller. What else can you expect in a nation that is sliding into anarchy, where jurisdictions at the family, state, and church level are continually being violated. (SermonAudio)

You know it is a little suspicious when people agitate to protect under-performing (or non-performing) teachers like this. Someone might start to wonder if they have a vested interest... (Wintery Knight)

Says an atheist on the subject of Atheist Camps, "For if there's one thing to make my blood freeze, it's the thought of my child mutating into some kind of pedantic, humourless, eight-year-old mini-Dawkins." (Telegraph)

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