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Friday, July 3, 2009

Random Stuff Mostly Movies

Via SDA "A poll that is asking to go horribly wrong" Did indeed go horribly wrong. Anyone else take a little naughty delight in the fact that the Humane Society can have a poll up for almost two months and get less votes than Kate managed to get them in less than 7 hours? We are currently taking bets about how long this "inconvenient poll" will remain up.

Seems that the Gunn Brothers, not content with making a really spiffy movie, also made a movie trailer. Unfortunately the trailer is not as spiffy as the movie, but it gets the point across. It also generated some "tolerent" and "accepting" comments from assorted sexually-neutral and otherwise feministically inclined persons who probably denounce us for being "intolerent" and "unaccepting"

While we're on the subject of "Tolerence" may I recommend The Right Brothers "Tolerate This". First part goes along the lines of:
I heard you found a new religion that's got nothing to do with God
They're politically correct, a liberated little sect, the self-appointed tolerence squad
You say that you've been enlightened and the problem lies with people like me
You say that you're tolerent and open-minded, well, here's your chance to prove it to me

(Tolerate this) I believe in marriage, (Tolerate this) between a woman and a man
(Tolerate this) I believe in driving (Tolerate this) the biggest car I can
(Tolerate this) A good old fashioned spanking (Tolerate this) is necessary, not cruel
You're preaching tolerence to me while you're standing their shaking your fist
Well , tolerate this.

T-shirt entry I should have sent in to Blazing Cat Fur.
Discriminating so you don't have to.
Because that is what this is about. Censorship is about discrimination. Responsible maturity is about discrimination. That's why parents should actively censor, and the government should be very careful when they do.

Going back to movies for a minute, One of the best sci-fi, utopia movies ever made is "The Island". It has a tremendous theme and and is incredibly pro-life. In fact it is the anti-abortion movie a really clever campus pro-life group should use as a discussion starter event.

Break out the champagne and mint chocolate chip ice cream. The Demographic Winter movie has produced a sequel! Haven't seen it yet since it was only released a day or two ago but I am sure it will be good.

Tedious I know but I want to promote one more movie. This one is just for fun. It is so happy. It is enough to leave you glowing for the rest of the day. Just to see people breaking out of the normal and mundane for four magical moments is priceless.

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