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Thursday, March 11, 2010

You're Teaching My Kid What?

What can I say, my computer ate my homework, or notes. It just shut down on me without warning. Twice. So I apologize for the fact that the first part of this speech is not as detailed and may be less accurate than I would normally like. Technology.

Please Note: This is a summary of the events and speeches in my own words for educational, information, and entertainment purposes only. It is not the speakers' exact words and should not be taken as such. It also may contain errors due to the nature of the medium. I am not responsible for any of them, use at your own risk.

Miriam Grossman, MD, is a board certified child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist. She writes and speaks to parents, students, educators, and health professionals internationally on the dangers of political correctness in her profession. She is the author of You're Teaching My Child What? A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Education and How They Harm Your Child, published in August 2009 by Regnery Publishing. In 2006 her book, Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness Endangers Every Student, was published by Sentinel (Penguin). Dr. Grossman graduated cum laude from Bryn Mawr College. She attended New York University Medical School and completed her residency in psychiatry, followed by a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry, through Cornell University.

She lives in Los Angeles with her family and a beagle, Willie Prozac.

Dr. Grossman, when she graduated took an oath. An oath to prevent the spread of disease. In her youthful naivete she thought this was referring to things like cancer. She now knows that to prevent disease you must also fight bad ideas. Her goal as a doctor is to make sure that people spend less time with doctors and therapists, not more.

In her work she dealt with a lot of students, particularly young women, who had problems because of the sex ed they were given.

Sex ed today is not based on science,it is based on a dream of how the world should be. Where there is no difference between girls and boys. Where all lifestyles are equally safe or harmful.

Modern sex ed is based on research that was done by one man and was later shown to be a fraud. This man was a very depraved person. He believed that anything, and that means anything, should go. Dr. Grossman is used to dealing with difficult situations and people as a psychologist but she was so horrified by this man's biography that she returned it as soon as possible, she couldn't even keep it in the house.

To listen to him when it comes to sex ed is like taking diet advice saying you should eat red meat and fried foods from an overweight person.

This view was promulgated by his followers who aimed to overthrow the Judeo-Christian moral system that was in place. They wanted to undo any social taboo about sex. They admit to wanting to change the world (UNESCO document page 3)

People like Planned Parenthood at SIECUS who promote these views are not furthering sexual health because that is not their goal. Their goal is to further sexual freedom and that is not compatible with increased sexual health.

The people who are most damaged by these views are girls, women, and homosexual men.

They believe that children are sexual creatures from cradle to grave. Even newborns are sexual. Hugging your grandfather is sexual.

They changed sex ed so that it was not about "preaching". It was just about, lets lay the facts out there and let the children decide, and we won't make any judgment calls or say that any lifestyle choice is better or worse.

From a SIECUS pamphlet that talks about sex. (Rough quote)

Every human being has basic rights. Still, adults may say and do things that make young people feel like they don't have rights. You need to know your rights so you can stand up for yourself. You have the right to express your sexuality in any way and at any time that you want. Most sex involves some level of risk so it is up to you to decide how much you want to risk.

No mention that there is one that has no risk.

SIECUS in public, and when talking to parents. emphasizes that teens should wait to have sex. That is not what they teach the teens.

Shows a very graphic slide

They tell children that you need to be comfortable with what you do. You have the right to make your own choices and have people respect them. Only teens can answer "Am I ready?". Talk it through with your partner (the sixteen year old boy who is going to be a great councilor)

They get into stuff about sexual sadism and masochism. Anal sex. That type of behavior is very dangerous. No one should do it. It is simply too dangerous to engage in. Teens should be told that. But you won't find that warning from Planned Parenthood. Oral sex can be dangerous too.

Planned Parenthood Youtube video gives sex advice about HPV. Expect to have HPV once you become intimate. All of us get it says the doctor.

This is so preposterous. She cannot emphasize enough from a medical point of view how much of a lie this is.

HPV is not a naturally occurring virus. Two virgins who are monogamous never have to worry about HPV.

Scientific stuff omitted from sex ed.

Biology says wait. That girls are more vulnerable than boys.

Why do most 16-year olds drive like they're missing part of their brain? Because they are says an All State advertisement.

This is based on hard science. We used to have trouble looking at the brain but with MRIs we can now study normal and healthy kids and young people.

The brain doesn't stop developing until mid twenties. It is immature before that especially the area that makes decisions and so forth. That's why when you say "What were you thinking?!" They weren't thinking. In situations of high stimulus they rely on emotion and instinct not thought.

This is being used to argue against the death penalty for minors.

Sex ed people say, lets inundate students with information and expect that in the heat of the emotion and moment that they will stop, think rationally, and do what they are expected to do.

We know that teen girls not only have an immature brain but they have surging hormones and are prone to drama and depression.

The female brain is so deeply affected by hormones that they can be said to create a woman's reality.

Oxytocin is connected to feelings of affection and attachment. It is used to treat people with autism spectrum. It is released during sexual behavior and is mostly a female hormone. That is not to say that boys don't have some connection to partners but testosterone does not work the same as oxytocin.

Sexually transmitted diseases are a threat to girls. They are more susceptible to it than boys. Especially when they are young because the cervix is immature and is less resistant to disease.

Birth control pills can actually make girls more susceptible to infection because it can delay maturation.

This is true, even if the ACLU sues.

I have been accused of exaggerating the smut and madness of sex ed. I am not exaggerating. They are promoting sexual freedom and that compromises sexual health. Is everyone going to delay sex? No but we should teach them how dangerous it is and encourage the highest standards. That is what we do in every other area of health.

It is awkward to talk about but the stakes are too high not to.

Q: What reaction are you getting? How is Planned Parenthood responding?

A: There is no formal response. Some of these websites have been changed, some things have been taken off. They don't like what I say, they think it is fear based. I did have a debate with SIECUS and the woman wiggled around. The media doesn't represent the issue well. Dr. Grossman gets pigeon holed as right wing and so forth.

Q: Someone else gets death threats for talking about things like this. Has she had any problems?

A: Thankfully she hasn't had any of that.

Q: Some people say that abstinence only results in higher rates of pregnancy.

A: There are so many studies on both sides. She doesn't get into it. In any other health issue though like smoking we wouldn't say that well kids are going to do it anyway so we just have to damage control. You have to be careful because comprehensive sex ed isn't what they say it is. The most recent study is also that abstinence only education does work.

Q: She is a sex ed teacher in local school. Agrees with Dr. Grossman. We do have to give kids information but we have to battle lots of emotion and lots of kids will do it anyway. Are you saying we should take a stronger stand on abstinence only??

A: Treat it like any other health issue. If you tell your doctor that you eat cheeseburgers all the time he will tell you all the time that you shouldn't be doing that and it is dangerous. Kids do hard things. Athletes, so forth. We need to emphasize and present an ideal.

Q: Has the HPV vaccine increased risk taking?

A: We don't really know, it is too early but there can be an issue of getting a false sense of security.

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