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Thursday, March 11, 2010

IMFC Report #2

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Second IMFC update.

Derek Miedema is a researcher in demographics from an elder care point of view, and school enrollment. Euthanasia and assisted suicide (against).


He traced population trends in Canada. The trend is clear. Looking thirty years ahead it is clear, more seniors less children. By 2014 there will be more people over 65 than children under 15. Health care costs increase with age. Ages 1-64 health costs are 1800+ a year, over 65 they are 2100+ a year. There is no way to reverse this. Immigration will not work.

Health care if it continues would take up 70% of Ontario budget in the future.

The question is now "How will we care for our parents and grandparents when they outnumber us?"

He comes from a family of 5 and it is a comfort to him that his other brothers can help out with concerns. What happens when we have 1-2 children? This needs to be a society issue. It can't just be a family one.

This paper raises more questions than it answers, we need to talk about these things.

Currently we care for people using old folks homes. He looked at long term care in Ontario. He asked long term care facilities how they will be affected by baby boomers. Only 22% of seniors live in long term care but that number will still be growing.

They expect - more complicated diagnoseses (like dementia) It used to more simple. This will create need for more staff. More requirements for care. More cost pressures. These homes are funded by the government but the government won't be able to keep paying out more. Staff are burning out, retiring.

Dead Too Soon?

Euthanasia is becoming an issue with rising costs.

Looks at people with spinal cord injuries. Can they regain a high quality of life afterwards? The answer is yes. 2 out of 10 emergency room doctors said that they would have a high quality of life if they had such an injury. 9 out of 10 people with such an injury say they have a high quality of life.

Recovery from this requires time which can give a better perspective. Social involvement is important. Supportive family. Dignity affirming relationships with care providers etc.

Therefore - Offering euthanasia shortly after injury would make it impossible to recover a high quality of life.

The question, should euthanasia or assisted suicide become legal is, would I die too soon? Not, would I live too long

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