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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wilders next Dutch Prime Minister?

I don't know what I think about this. On the one hand you've got to appreciate those who fight against censors. On the other hand, would I vote for Geert Wilders? Not in a hurry.

There is a problem in that Wilders isn't a very convincing champion for freedom of religion and freedom of speech. He wants the right to say what he wants to say but he wants to ban the Koran. Not such a good idea. For one thing if you want to ban everything that could be interpreted as supporting religious violence the Torah and Bible hit the chopping block as well. Sure Christians and Jews do not typically interpret them that way (as, practically speaking, few Muslims do with the Koran) but you can find it if you want it.

Then of course there is the head covering issue. A rather personal one for me as I wear a headcovering (as most Christian women did, at least in worship, until not that many decades ago). I know burkas are perhaps a slightly different issue (maybe, I can't say I'd support banning them either) but hijabs are surely not that different than a cross, tzit-tzit, nun's habit, turban, or any other religious article of dress.

And add to that the fact that he is hardly right wing in a traditional Judeo-Christian way. He supports homosexuality for one thing.

I mean, is the man anything except anti-Islam? Perhaps. He has a few other objectives listed, more along the traditional right-wing lines. Lower taxes and so forth.

But I sure get why Muslim's don't like him. And I'm not sure that Christians should either.

Don't kick me out of the free speech club here, but is anti-Muslim hype sometimes getting in the way of clear vision?

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  1. Good post Rebekah. Freedom for me but not for thee.
    Darn that freedom of speech and religion thing. It's just too broad.

    Geert and Jenny may have something in common after all.