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Thursday, March 11, 2010

IMFC Report #3

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Peter Jon Mitchell on Youth/Teen Research

There was not enough Canadian data on youth. He also found that research too often treated teens separately from families except in discussing negative influences. IMFC considered positive ones too.

Rated PG

With Teens 43% girls and 38% of boys(?) have sex between the ages of 14-19.

Parent attitudes influenced sexual behavior.

Parents who smoked or drank to excess had children who were more likely to be active.

Family status had an impact.

The children's attitude on substance abuse mattered.

Parents who disciplined infrequently or in anger were more likely to have active children.

Parents who read to children daily were less likely.

Parents who were religious or volunteered were less likely to have children engaging in sex.

Parents are primary sex educators.

They remain the biggest influence to teens but underestimate their own influence.

Substance abuse like marijuana increased sex.

Girls who engaged in risky sexual behavior also considered suicide.

When they published this report they got two reactions.

You can't be serious, drunk teens have sex. Are you going to tell us the sky is blue next?

You can't be serious, sex is healthy.

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