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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lotsa Coulta Linkses

The Web Elf, excellent as usual.

Blazing Catfur, take a peep at some of his other posts as well, very informative.

Five Feet of Fury, according to Ann Coulter the most complete links out there, has too many posts to link individually so just read.

Steyn Online has some commentary.

Ann Coulter herself!

Link to Michael Coren's interview with Ann Coulter. Also available on youtube, see here at Wintery Knight. Watch it everyone, especially if you have never heard/read Ann Coulter and are relying on second hand information from "unfriendlies".

One of the most thorough accounts of the protest.

Very, very funny piece in the Ottawa Citizen. An absolute MUST read.

Deborah Gyapong
has some stuff.

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