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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More on Ann Coulter Shut Down

More updates are coming up on the Ann Coulter event.

Macleans has a piece, "Coulter, the she-devil in her own words".
The police, Coulter says, “had been warning my bodyguard all day that they were putting up [messages] on Facebook: ‘Bring rocks, bring sticks, you gotta hurt Ann Coulter tonight, don’t let her speak.’ And the cops eventually said, we’ve got a bad feeling, this isn’t gonna happen. And they shut it down.”

CFRA has a poll up, apparently 86.6% of people disapprove of what the protesters did.

Socon has some more pictures and video.

There were definitely issues with the organization I would say. The venue was far too small for one thing, they didn't allow for last minute attendees who made up about 70% of the crowd by some estimates. However in the end it very likely wouldn't have mattered.

There were a lot of people there who probably didn't agree with Ann Coulter. The person standing next to me in line frankly admitted that he didn't like her. But when he heard about the reaction of the University he decided to come anyway because he believed in freedom of speech. Someone else I heard was commenting that if offending people is your talent and you can make money doing it, go for it.

They wanted to hear her. They wanted to support freedom of speech in Canada.

They wanted a dialogue.

Who's intolerant?

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