Canada is Free and Freedom is Its Nationality

Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Monday, March 29, 2010

Action Alert!

Phone/Write your MP about freedom of speech.

I phoned my MP Cheryl Gallant today to ask what her position on free speech/hate speech was, and the person who answered the phone didn't know! After a week of heavy press about freedom of speech and Ann Coulter her own office staff have no idea where she stands on the issue.

Obvious conclusion. She has NOT been getting enough phone calls about the matter.

Please take the time to contact your MP (Particularly if your MP is named David McGuinty), let them know what you think about the issue, and ask what their stand on freedom of speech is. (hint: if they are against it, inform them that they just lost your vote)


  1. Of course the other possibility is she does know, but don't dare say, Rebekah.

  2. In which case, all the more need for supportive calls!