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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Banning the Coulter


Our tolerant, diverse, free-thinking, yadda, yadda leftist student friends at the University of Ottawa actually have a line past which they don't tolerate anymore.

That line happens to be Ann Coulter.

Not, as has been pointed out, Israeli Apartheid Week with it's colourful and welcoming posters. In fact the very people who are objecting to Ann Coulter (in at least one university) are the same people who organized IAW.

According to the Ottawa Citizen the Student Federation has prohibited people from putting up posters advertising the event within their jurisdiction. The university administration has not done so.

'Scuse me? The university has more respect for freedom of speech and student activities it may or may not agree with than the other students? Why doesn't that surprise me? Why do I have this nagging feeling that it should? I though students were supposed to be the "no rules" people.

So needless to say I will be going to see Ann Coulter and Ezra Levant with great interest. Do you think I should take some pepper spray just in case some students decide to express their views in a less than incredibly mature and articulate way? Perhaps not. I won't forget a couple of good bodyguards (they wanted to go anyway) and my iPhone video recorder though. To make sure that any off-key nursery rhymes get recorded for posterity.

As Michael Coren who will have her on his show said "What fun".

Oh, and by the way, Israeli Apartheid Week poster 09.

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