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Monday, November 9, 2009

When Society is Standing Up Inside

Rural Ontario has what you might call character. They don't like the gun registry, even though they don't register their guns, and they have scant respect for anyone in Ottawa telling them what they can and can't do with their land. The sentiment is frequently expressed in those omnipresent signs, "This Land is Our Land - Back Off Government". In other words, they do things their own way.

I think all Green Party voters should take a tour of the country for a crash course in the law of unintended consequences. Farmers are logical, the first time they find out that the government considers polar bears to be fish they stop listening to anything else. Particularly when that "anything else" is environmental legislation that threatens their livelihood.

Right now the government is considering legislation that would create a 12 sq. km. buffer zone around each endangered (or threatened, whatever) turtle someone sees. I've lived in the country long enough to know what that means. Suddenly those harmless turtles that everyone ignored will become a prime target for country folk who don't consider a turtle worth losing the use of their land over. Result, dead turtles. Farmers (notorious cheapskates) will pay to have habitat destroyed so that no one will ever find an endangered species on their land.

They have lost their respect for environmental laws. In the end they may create worse damage than if they government had been satisfied with a more moderate level of control.

What does this have to do with the Fort Hood shooting? Maybe a lot. Much has been said recently about the reluctance of the media to assign any terrorist motives to the killer. Funny enough, society had no problem figuring out the motives of the man who killed Doctor Tiller the abortionist. We all knew that he did it because of his anti-abortion views.

Much as pro-lifers hate it when the media connects them with abortion doctor killings, the storm of denunciation from the mainline pro-lifers did help make it clear, not only to the world but also to those within our own ranks, that we do not fight murder with murder. Pro-life hotheads understand that if they go off the deep end they will not be lauded but condemned, by everyone. It has made us perhaps more careful than we would otherwise be to speak clearly about our stand on this issue and to weed out those who would destroy our cause by discrediting us with violence.

What happens when this doesn't happen? What happens when no one can speak the truth?

"Political correctness is lynch mob mentality in another guise. The eventual effects are the same. Group innocence flips to group guilt. Eventually anyway. It just delays the lynching until everyone can be hanged. So everything tootles along in a kind of fake normalcy with everyone smiling fakely at everyone else with gritted teeth until the desired and long awaited Der Tag comes along and then it is open season. The beast gets turned loose and look out below....

Eventually you will have situations in which people who are actually not trusted may be put in formal positions of authority simply because they can’t be questioned. This when the Openly Ridiculous Order situation comes in. When an elite starts to issue lunatic directives a certain something snaps. They lose legitimacy. People obey, but they do not comply. In other words, they start to obey only when the bosses are around. The moment the super leaves the room, they all start to laugh at him."

The problem, as so many of our "Islamophobic" friends like to point out is not so much Islam as it is the West and it's values or lack thereof. The problem is not the occasional nutbars, it is the society that enables them. The society that is gagging itself and refusing to say what needs to be said when it needs to be said.

It can't last forever. Like the turtle laws, people have no respect for what they consider to be ridiculous. They sit down when a policeman is watching, but they are standing up inside.

People are already starting to stand up inside when it comes to political correctness. However they are still sitting down outside. What happens when they start standing up outside? I don't want to see that. I don't think anyone does.

The Bridge on the River Kwai illustrated with painful poignancy the importance of respect for lawful authority. The officers in a Japanese prisoner of war camp refused to do manual labour because that would undermine their position of authority and thus the morale of the men under their command. The officers were tortured, threatened with death, but they refused to give in to force. Yet later in the movie, after they won the right to exemption from labour, they volunteered of their own free will to do manual labour when there was a pressing need for it.

Without lawful authority and without respect for lawful authority the men would have become slaves instead of soldiers.

Do we want a society that has lost their respect for authority? I don't, and I am sure that Muslims do not either.

Please read the whole post at Covenant Zone, it is well worth reading and I am not ashamed to say gave me the basis for this post.


  1. Thanks for the link and an interesting post. Maybe you'd be interested in our local turtle fiasco -:)

  2. Thank you for the comment and your original post which I found very interesting and thoughtful.

    Turtles just seem to be causing trouble everywhere :-)