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Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Has Got to be in Violation of Some Copyright Law

And wouldn't you just love to see that court case.

Some excerpts -

Newsweek: Former M*A*S*H stars say it's finally time to disarm the military

LA Times: Like many Town Hall protesters, Hassan motivated by rage, pattern baldness

MSNBC: Investigation: Ft. Hood Killer Had Access to Fox, Talk Radio, Right-Wing
Blogs, Defiant Palin rejects calls to apologize

Boston Globe: Experts say shootings could have easily been prevented if guns did not exist; others argue bullets must share blame

Washington Post: Shooter's former Virginia home was mere hours from Jerry Falwell compound

Rolling Stone: Sensitive, artistic outsider said ostracized by Army jocks, "in crowd"

New York Times: Lessons of Ft. Hood: Military Bases Need More Mental Health Professionals

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