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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roundup: Catching Horses and Shrivelling Weeds

Playing Hockey with Fishy Sticks

Something seems to have gone a little wrong in the hallowed halls of settled science. A hacker stormed the computers of the University of East Anglia and has brought forward startling (or not so startling) potential evidence of fraud and conspiracy on the part of global warming scientists.

Demon Incarnate Harper Doesn't Care Enough About Global Warming

In light of the above news:

"Environmental activists and opposition members said Wednesday that the absence of the Canadian prime minister at the Copenhagen conference would demonstrate a lack of interest.

“This is the most important international negotiation that Stephen Harper will ever be involved in,” said John Bennett, the executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada, an environmental group. “To stay away is bordering on criminal.”"

Tolerance is the Virtue of the Man Without Convictions - G.K. Chesterton

Some people don't have that problem, thankfully. (Note: I have not read the book, but I do read many of his columns)

Smoking and Facebook can be Hazardous to Your Health

Telling people to watch what they post on the internet is starting to sound as old and "duh" as telling people that smoking isn't good for you. However it bears repeating as even people who should have known better seem to keep getting caught.

Hitler's Ghost Still Lives

“We recognize in our German basic law about philosophical and religious conviction and that parents have rights, but the basic law also includes that it is the state’s role to educate all children,” Judge Drier

Civil Service: They Can't Fire You but They Could Always Make You Compost Constable

That's right, dig through the muck to see if there is any inappropriate material in there. A poll, as SDA would say, just waiting to go wrong. Actually, it already has. Look on the left sidebar.

Baby Speaks Out on Behalf of Responsible and Caring Burglar

10 Tries and No Still No Lasting Victory, Better Luck Next Time. I Don't Think.

When this goes back to the CHRT Canada will be watching very, very closely.

Oh Sure, Blame the Canuckies

Unfortunately this guy doesn't seem to remember the result of the Canadian crisis. A startling show of Canadian pro-government solidarity (or at least anti-election/coalition/Quebec solidarity) in which the Governor-General supported the Canadian will against the "big bad separatist-run coalition". No anti-monarchy backlash that I remember. Then again, maybe the British are more anti-monarchy than Canadians. Canadians just don't think about it.

How Large a Share?

In general however I think the system needs massive restructuring. How on earth can it be good for people to be put in the middle of nowhere where there are no jobs and given enough money to live on (albeit badly)? Talk about a guaranteed way to destroy any human being.

Never Again; So Don't Ban Hate Speech

It's not rocket science. Don't give your enemies free publicity, don't reward behaviour you don't want to encourage, and don't give the guys with the guns power to shut off dissent. Which part of this is hard to understand?

Words Can Kill

And the words of irresponsible, evil, right-wing extremists can kill people downright dead. Or not... Then again maybe this is an example of Pre-Traumatic Republican Phobia Disorder. Maybe the census worker committed suicide because he was so scared by all the irresponsible, evil, etc, etc right-wingers that he decided to commit suicide before they could kill him. Hey it's about as credible as half the stuff you can find on the internet. The other half is less credible.

The HRC Latest Front in the War Against Hate

Then again, maybe not. We shall see.

UK Family Courts Make HRC Look Transparent and Fair

And the HRC cannot do anything compared to what a family court can do. An amazing series of articles. Parents reading this, don't worry too much. They said that Canadian courts were good.

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