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Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Monday, November 30, 2009

The British are Crazy

And I'm not talking about the sitcoms.

Evenin' all is not allowed lest it confuse foreigners. Youth, boy, girl, businessman, are words non grata. Also bad words, ""child or youngster" indicate "unreliability or dishonesty""

Birthday cake is banned for being unhealthy.

UK flag is not allowed on ID cards.

Cake sales are shut down in case anyone slips near the tables or dies from eating nut-infested cake that was labeled "May contain nuts".

Oh yes, and Christmas is winterval.


  1. George Orwell was only 25 years off in his Big Brother Government NewSpeak predictions for Britain.

    His description of word removals by a totalitarian government in his 1947 released book "1984", is eerily close to this nonsense you link to Rebekah. If you have not read "1984", it is a classic, like "Animal Farm" he also wrote, worth your valuable time.

  2. Oh well Clive, at least they still make the world's best sitcoms.

    I have read 1984 (and Animal Farm) although it was some time ago. The interesting thing is that we seem to be moving simultaneously toward 1984 and Brave New World. Something that on the face of it would seem completely impossible.