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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Roundup: Shriveling Weeds and Catching Horses

Welcome to Miss Marprelate's Rare and Wonderful Roundups of News that You Should Know.

After considerable time spent telling us that the attack on Times Square was not necessarily the work of Islamist terrorism and could very well be the work of a homegrown terrorist, someone mad at the healthcare bill, ad nauseum they have finally managed to arrest someone who is, wait for it... an Islamist terrorist. Gee, that I could have never forseen. Not of course that I could find the word Muslim or Islamist in either of two NP articles I read, but I'll take any bet going about the motives. BCF

Returning again to the quest for bigfoot, also known as a conservative women who's accomplishments and toughness feminists will respect. Yes, you guessed it, the sighting turned out to be another oddly shaped tree trunk, or rather a woman who is being forced by a man (and consenting to participate in a cringing display of lap dog subservience) to bully other women. Was that a little unclear? Let's reword it. Senator Nancy Ruth, in what I might otherwise expect feminists to call a strong vindication of the belief that women can be just as tough in the world of politics as men, told some activists to "Shut the **** up" and stop pushing the abortion funding in foreign aid question because it had just turned into a political football. In other words she was putting into practice this stirring observation,

"I think women have been told too often to be quiet, be good and then you'll get what you want, I guess my argument is when have women ever made progress and got what they want by keeping quiet?" (NP)


  1. I think the bananas would have been gross even if he had let them gradually warm up by sitting on the counter. Freezing them causes the water in their cells to expand until the cells burst. At least, I know it happens when you freeze them cold enough, such as by putting them in liquid nitrogen.

  2. I hereby promise never to microwave frozen bananas, and may I just add "ugh, yucky!".

    Thanks for the link, though.

  3. Usually we put the frozen bananas into smoothies... I don't know what possessed him to microwave it.

  4. I am a socon conservative and I doubt if the red Tories in Ontario will get rid of the HRC. Their policies are almost the same as the liberal/NDP's, ie: Feed the unions.
    I don't even want to think how George Smitherman would defrost a frozen banana.