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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Little Advertising

And no I'm not getting any money, free samples, and/or any other type of compensation for any of this. Mind you, if someone wants to offer...

Apathy is Boring: I mean seriously, where else can you vote on what song your ideal politician would have on his iPod?

Free Canuckistan: Miss Marprelate's secret source for, a lot. Besides, he noticed the hat.

Sermon Audio: AKA the one stop shop for all things Christian... and it is all, or almost all free! (I even got to meet the founder in Cincinnati)

SDA Matt: Political videos of the most Corenish type.

Wintery Knight:
To appease broad hints.

Ezra Levant: What do you mean you don't know who he is?! You, you, U of O student type you!

Blazing Cat Fur: Who has a fiendish cunning when it comes to tracking down people's identities and Facebook affiliations.

Albert Mohler: Because his daily email of links keeps me up to date. And because he runs a great show.

Small Dead Animals - The Roadkill Diaries: For the most eminently unforgettable name ever, and interesting content.

Deborah Gyapong: One of the bloggers I have met in person.

This is a small list of some sites I like. More to come later... (Like the next time I need to write a post and don't want to)

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