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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Techie Help?

Can anyone explain to me why hyperlinking sometimes works and sometimes doesn't? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, but you oughta try looking over your post in the text-only "Edit Html" mode. At least in wordpress, that often allows me to spot problems -- such as when paragraph-alignment commands are messing things up.

  2. Rebekah I agree with Drew, just check that the HTML for the hyperlink is correct, it must look like this:
    Some Link

    Great blog by the way, I loved your entry about Stephen Boisson's case.

    from Toronto
    joseph at

  3. Thanks for the help, it is much appreciated! So I get a sample HTML from a working link and compare it to the non-working ones, correct?

  4. Tried that, still doesn't seem to work all the time. Could it be that some links just won't hyperlink?

  5. They oughta look like this:

    (a href="URL")WORDS IN THE HYPERLINK(/a)

    except with <>'s instead of parentheses.

    Like I said, I don't know specifically what you're talking about. But I was saying that your html might be getting overcomplicated in other ways which might be messing you up. I've noticed that your fonts are often different, for example, and one big reason for this phenomenon is when you copy-and-paste from another website using a different font. (If you copy-and-paste directly into text mode then you won't have that problem, but it will also erase any italics and such in the original text.) Copy-and-pasting may also be altering your alignment such that certain parts of your post are centered instead of aligned left, and things like that.

    Even pressing Enter a lot can complicate your HTML by inserting paragraph breaks, at least in Wordpress. If you press enter, it will often create HTML to produce a new paragraph. Little P's and /P's and such. If you edit one of your posts in text mode, you'll probably see what I'm talking about.

    It's hard to know exactly what you're talking about, but the more of these little commands you get in there, the more likely some of them are to conflict with each other or otherwise make your post look weird.