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Thursday, April 23, 2009

News for the week

While we're at it, why not introduce a whole course of comic book studies. Asterix, as MaD says, to learn about Roman history, Tintin to learn about foreign cultures, and Calvin and Hobbes to learn about human nature. Could be worse. (MaD)

And then they can criticize us for being gun obsessed. No lack of a certain shrewd deviousness on the left at any road. (Wall Street Journal)

"Education"  doesn't educate, "human rights commissions" violate human rights, and "Death with Dignity" is not dignified either (Jewish World Review)

Maybe it's just me, but if George Galloway had been admitted to Canada I think that that would be real grounds for discrimination and racism charges. I mean, we don't let Saudi Arabians with names like, say, Mohammed into Canada if they give money to terrorists, why do people think that we should let in Scots who do? (MacLeans)

Yes Ma'am but please, if you have no objection, with modesty. (Northumberland Today)

This is scary. Seriously. I thought that the HRCs were well on the way to denormalization, and then this hits. Oh boy. Just think of the possible implications. People denied expensive mortgages because of their income is a potential CHRC case. The Ministry of Defence being forced to hire non-citizens in sensitive roles. The list goes on. Scroll to page 26. (

The end of the world! The end of the world! The end of the world! One thing the enviro-nuts and premil dispies both have in common. (SteynOnline)

Childish. That is the only word for it. Mama! If I didn't get invited to Sally's tell Mary she can't go either! (

Warning: Not for uptight, humourless liberals. I don't think Steyn needs another HRC complaint. Actually on second though, give the Liberal party stand on HRCs maybe they could use some more bad press... (SteynOnline)

Point of order: Embryo selection is a type of abortion (for the unselected embryos) so how can more embryo screening help prevent abortions? (TimesOnline) 

Binding Faith, pricey but I recommend it. Would you sign your own death warrant?

With any luck all the different interest groups will fight this proposal into the ground. Mind you some such museum would be very interesting and educational if done properly, but this one won't be. (Ottawa Sun)

I always find Margaret Somerville's articles interesting. This one about Phebe Manth is, as usual, very informative. (Mercatornet)

What I want to see is Saudi Arabia supporting a decision which says it is wrong to slander the divinity of Christ and say that the Bible was falsified. Oh wait, they just did.  (Economist)

Telling us what we already knew, but nice to hear coming from a big name source. Marriage is good for children. (Wall Street Journal)

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