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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Week in the News

I think that I have been hurt by climate change because we suffered from severe and unusual snowfall while on holiday in Virginia. Money please. (The Washington Times)

And now for your daily dose of enlightened vocabulary affirmation, along with a side dish of self-applicable reality re-negotiation. (Wall Street Journal)

If we allow capital punishment we might kill people who shouldn't die. If we allow assisted suicide we might kill people who shouldn't die. Makes sense to me. (TimesOnline)

Suttee wishes in Canada, Applauding murder, Kevorkian pirates parts, Don't want to accidentally live, oh boy.(Secondhand Smoke)

Now for once I can link you to a little chicken soup for the soul without any satire whatsoever. (Touchstone Magazine)

Speechless, so I'll just quote Al Mohler (Who better?) "This judge needs to be grounded and sent to her room," (LifeSiteNews)

We don't need this, we already have VBSs with pirate and princess themes. How better to promote sensitivity in the next generation then by having the church glorify thieves, murderers, and rapists. All that being said, a little extra help from the state is always welcome. (

Cheeky of course, but highly amusing. The libel suit notice is probably in the mail as we speak, or is Kinsella smart enough to refrain from suing MacLeans (unlike his other leftist buddies)? Time will tell. (MacLeans)

Remind me why we call the slippery slope a fallacy again? Because here it is, right on schedule, marriage is anything (which means that marriage is nothing). (Gyapong)

Ah but you see, we are free, we are tolerant, we are diverse, (that came out a little squeaky, say it again) we are diverse (better) we celebrate inclusiveness, we are...Miniluv. (LifeSiteNews)

Shakedown, More Shakedown, Yet more Shakedown, why haven't you gotten your copy yet? (Ezra Levant)

"Insolence!" (SmallDeadAnimals)

Those Simple Bear Necessities of Life, (like common sense...) (SmallDeadAnimals)

Call me a super-synic but why do people object to the government knowing all of this when with twitter and facebook they broadcast all this info to the world already. Ah well, privacy is such an un-cool word anyway. (Statebook)

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