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Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Voting Never

“There will always be voices who claim we’re not ready, we’re not there yet, the time to end discrimination is next year, or next session. But victims of discrimination should not have to wait.” link

Yes.... well.... personally I was going to vote NEVER on this one. You see, call me outdated, puritanical, and a raving bigot, but I have this thing about seeing men in the ladies washroom. I don't take to the idea so well.

Although I have to admit that's really nothing to the way I feel about guys in the girls' locker room.

And what about the guy who keeps doing really well... on the female sports team?

Some people, read Maine Human Rights Commission, are willing to allow transgender people to use whatever gender "stuff" they "need". The case rose out of a transgender twelve year old who was asked to use a single stall bathroom rather than using the girls' bathroom. (And anyway, a transgender 12 year old? Do his parents have serious problems or what? How does he even know the word?) Sounds like reasonable accommodation to me. Not to some people evidently.

The funny part of the case is the other kid, who was given permission by his Grandfather to use the girls' bathroom as long as the other boy/girl did. The Maine HRC had no sympathy for him, he was appropriately punished because he was heterosexual.

That said, according to our dear MHRC you don't need any documentation to declare yourself transgender.

I predict a wave of fifteen year old boys suddenly becoming transgender. Who knew it could have so many perks?

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