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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If You Can't Get Behind Our Troops, Get in Front of Them

Well, personally I kind of like the line. Rather pithy and thought provoking if you ask me, which no one does.

I also rather like the idea of providing soldier's orphans with scholarships. Sure it would be nice if we had a national merit based scholarship but failing that can anyone really object to giving extra help to kids who have lost a parent serving their country.

I mean really, would even the Grinch do that?

Here is the list of the Professors who do oppose it. Partly, so they say, because there is nothing heroic about our war in Afghanistan and we shouldn't be glorifying militarism.

They also don't think people should be sending them "threats" like, if you can't get behind our troops, get in front of them.

Well it isn't a threat, not from me anyway. It is just something worth thinking about. And by the way, it isn't the soldiers' fault that we are in a war you don't like. Take it up with the politicians. And if you don't like war that much surely you should be the first to advocate compassion for the victims of war, starting with our soldiers.

Nice little editorial from the Globe and Mail.

Protest letter from one of the signers.

And as SDA says, "Since you feel that strongly about it, RESIGN" Or don't you feel that strongly?;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Do please be civil. No threats, alright? Try to use logic instead, I know it doesn't work for lefties, but feel free to add your letters in the comments here and we can enjoy them.


  1. Hey Marprelate, what do you think of this line:
    "If You Can't Get Behind Our Troops, Get in Front of Them"?

    I kind of like it.

  2. But to get in front of them and lead the charge would be dangerous wintery. What are you thinking bro?

  3. I shouldered a rifle as a Marine during Ronald Reagan's unnecessary intervention in Lebanon's civil war in October 1983, a reckless action that resulted in the death of 220 fellow Marines, 18 soldiers and 3 sailors. I've been a registered Republican since the day I turned 18 and signed up for the draft in November 1972.

    When I enlisted in the Corps, I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. I've never sworn an oath to any politician or political party. Where in the constitution was George W. Bush authorized to deploy US troops to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, two nations that have never attacked the United States and did not pose a threat to our national security?

    Here's a thought with regard to the use of the pithy quote,"If You Can't Get Behind Our Troops, Get in Front of Them":

    If you're a male between the ages of 17 and 30, can pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test and physical examination, and you truly support our troops, why aren't you shouldering a rifle and placing your life on the line in a combat zone beside our troops?

    Could it be that you're actually a chicken-hawk who advocates that better men than you fight and die in needless wars while you support them from the safety and comfort of your homes.

    If you're a female and you truly support our troops, why aren't you serving in a military occupational specialty on a base in Afghanistan or Iraq, rather than pasting a pithy bumper sticker to your vehicle?

    Blind faith in oath-betraying, constitution abrogating, warmongering, establishment politicians and political parties does not constitute patriotism.

    Joining a rally to show your support for the deployment of military personnel to engage in an invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, two nations that never attacked the US and did not pose a threat to our liberty or national security does not constitute patriotism.

    Waving flags in support of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, reciting the pledge of allegiance, pasting pro-military bumper stickers and yellow ribbons on your vehicle do not constitute patriotism.

    If you truly want to know what patriotism is, then watch, listen and learn:

    Ron Paul: true patriotism