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Thursday, May 5, 2011

IMFC Research by Andrea Mrozek

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Andrea Mrozek, presenting research on Canada’s Top Family Friendly Cities.

They studied 33 metropolitan areas in five categories.

Community Feel - kilometres of bike paths, charitable giving, crime, number of community centres, parks.

Educational Choice - Options and funding for private/public/charter schooling.

Economic Strength - unemployment rate, taxes, transfers (more means less healthy economy)

Cost of Living - Consumer Price Index, rent, gasoline, % home ownership, mortgage costs

Family Independence - % of each family type, two parent, single parent, etc., seniors living with family rather than in homes.

The top marks went to:

Calgary AB
Edmonton AB
Guelph ON
Kitchener ON
Vancouver B.C.

The bottom marks went to

Saguenay QC
Saint John NB
St. John’s Newfoundland
Trois Riviers QC
Thunder Bay ON

Ottawa received a B+.

However, all Canadian cities did quite well on an international comparison level, the lowest mark was a C.

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