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Friday, October 15, 2010

Back from Sabbatical

Dear All My Readers Who Have Probably Wandered Off And Are Getting Into Trouble Elsewhere.

I am back from Sabbatical. I know, it was wrong of me to go away without giving notice. But I am here now. Aren't you all thrilled? Don't answer that question.

I don't promise posting will be very often. I am now studying for my economics bachelor degree through accelerated distance learning (Hope to be halfway through my sophomore year in November, started studying in August) and hopefully I will at some point or other have a job to help pay for this college thing now that my summer job is over (Anyone know of any nice conservative organizations with tons of money just dying for a student employee who lives in the middle of nowhere? Alternately, anyone know of any good local jobs at Walmart?)

But you didn't want to know about my life. What you really wanted to brighten your day was this quote out of the material I am studying for my sociology exam,

Economic inequality inevitably exists in capitalism as represented by large wealthy and poor classes and a shrinking in the percentage of individuals in the middle class.

Followed by this one:

The economic system known as communism is actually an evolution of socialism into a society of political, social, and economic equality.
And then they expect me to ace history?


  1. Sounds like the usual anti-Western pro-commie economic schlock. It's important to understand the utopian lunacy of Marxism (the guiding ideology of many profs & elites), whilst recognizing that the self-correction of capitalism already dealt with Marx's outrage over dark satanic mills. Plus that whole 120 million dead thing.

    Read Thomas Sowell (also on YouTube), and Regnery Press' The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Capitalism [ ], plus Hayek's Serfdom for real economics.

  2. If you don't care if you pass, make a 'study' of Russian equality under Communism, not neglecting the special vehicle lanes for the privileged.

  3. Thanks for references, I have read some Sowell already but will look for the other stuff, and I probably should do a refresher. I have discovered that if sociology is the left-wing science economics is the right-wing science (micro especially) all that stuff that I learned from Sowell and others, and thought was right-wing extremism, turned out to be Economics 101. So disappointing, here I set out to be a radical and suddenly it turns out that I am conventional. Such horrors have seldom happened to the Marprelate.

  4. See, I told you that Thomas Sowell, the Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, and Hayek's Road to Serfdom were good! If Binks says it, it must be true.