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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fatwa against Scanners

Muslims are not to go through body scanners because it violates Muslim law.

Remind me why we are installing these things again?

Personally the whole debate has a "Would you rather be shot or drowned?" quality to it, but forced to choose I would rather go through a body scanner than be patted down. At least then you don't have anyone manhandling you. And you don't know who is looking at you.

The fatwa was issued by Fiqh Council and supported by CAIR.

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  1. "And you don't know who is looking at you."

    ...unless they ask you to autograph your scan.

    You Won't Be Violated At All

    Apparently, while those who support scanners claim that this could never happen because the scanners don't save images and are incapable of transmitting them, such abilities are actually a requirement.