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Friday, December 25, 2009

Fun Blog...

written by a friend of mine. Mr. J Gills has some mind blowing stats about the prevalence of TVs in American bathrooms, uses for dead I-pods (not recommended for use as deadly weapon), and rhapsodies about the joys of winter which mirrors my thoughts beautifully.

"Winter is here!!!! Yayyeeee! HA! Not!
Honestly I don’t understand people who get so excited about winter. I watch Narnia and I think “magic spell nothin” they’re just living in Canada! Of course it feels like it’s been winter for 100 years! I feel like that all the time!...

Anyhow, winter is here. That means for the next six months the world will be white. The snow will accumulate until it takes a ladder in order to reach the top of the snow banks on either side of your driveway and my lack of faith in “Mother Nature” will be justified. There is nothing motherly about winter. Not even “tough love” motherly. Unless by tough love you mean “hey, let’s have a gorgeous summer and trick all these explorers into thinking they can live here year round!” then bam! Look who has got scurvy and frostbite now! See? No mother is that cruel.
Check it out.

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