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Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sauce for the Goose...

Tarek Fatah, Anita Bromberg, and John Thompson need to take a deep breath and have a few second thoughts.

An Imam said these things in a speech in Toronto.

“Allah protect us from the fitna [sedition] of these people [calling for a ban on women covering their faces]…. Allah destroy them from within themselves….”

“You will see a lot of them going to the kuffar, taking them as friends and allies. The wrath of Allah is upon them. If they were true believers they would never take them as allies.”

I think that this illustrates that even if we were to get Section 13 and the HRC abolished, our fight would not be over. B'nai Brith would like the POLICE to investigate this? Are they nuts?

Do they really want the police walking in and tearing pages out of the Torah? What about banning the psalms? Do they think that precedent will only ever work in their favour?

Let me spell this out. NO ONE goes into our churches and makes sure our pastors are following the straight and narrow path of sugar coated, politically correct, relativistic, let's all have a teary eyed group hug to make up for our past intolerance of marginalized people that we in our arrogance thought were "wrong".

So let's be careful what we ask for. Because with what standard we judge, the HRC will give us back 100 fold.

"The kindest, most-loving man who ever lived was crucified because He is intolerant of sin." Jan LaRue (Yeah He even wants to tear the teeth of the wicked out by the roots, Psalm 58)


  1. Plus as far as I know many hundreds of people in the USA, especially those on the left of the culture wars divide, had surveillence files/forms/dossiers opened on them as a result of the Homeland Security legislation passed by the impeccably conservative Bush government.

    Meanwhile there was a small item in my weekend paper recently which pointed out that gun registrations in Florida had increased by 67 percent in the previous 10 months.

    Why did this NOT occur during the Bush administration when these 24/7 comprehensively intrusive surveillence laws, systems and agencies were being put in place. Surveillence laws which are capable of closely monitoring almost everything, the thus suspect person, does.

    Especially via electronic tracking methods. Cell-phones can now be located any where--the moment they are turned on.

    As a result of these laws it is almost impossible to hide in the USA.

    What is also interesting about the USA is that with rare exceptions those on the left side of the culture wars do not have much to do with the guns and the associated "culture". Which is really a "culture" of death.

    How many guns, and of what kind would Jesus own or recommend that anyone else own?

    Would Jesus give a gun to a child as a birthday or Christmas present?

    Would Jesus teach a child to shoot any living, breathing, feeling creature?

    Such of course is common practice in the USA, including among right-thinking Christians.

  2. Well He did recommend buying swords even if it meant selling your clothing....