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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Event Blogging the Wilberforce Weekend: Information on Sub-Committees

Please Note: This is a summary of the events and speeches in my own words for educational, information, and entertainment purposes only. It is not the speakers' exact words and should not be taken as such. It also may contain errors due to the nature of the medium. I am not responsible for any of them, use at your own risk and consult the official videos and/or audio record if you want to verify or quote anything.

Sub-committees you can join.

Research - Looks at the opposition and public opinion

Legal - Constitutionality issues

Medical and Palliative Care - Offer constructive alternatives

Ethics - Moral issues and principles

Communications and Media - Politics is 90% communication. Unless a politician can see in 90 seconds how to explain to the public your issue, you are done.

Grassroots Democracy - Mobilizing large groups

How to Build a Coalition - Form a core group that won't get divided.

Organization and Administration - Databases, social networking

Funding - How to raise money. To move a national poll 3-4% takes around 5 million dollars, if you are lucky

Spiritual Resources - Wilberforce's campaign lasted for over 50 years. Sustaining people in bad times

We have people from across Canada and the States. This work has international implications, America affects Canada. We are part of an international world, our ideas have big implications. There are people in our groups from different perspectives, respect that.

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