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Sir Wilfrid Laurier

Monday, December 7, 2009

Event Blogging the Free Speech and Liberty Symposium: Welcome

At the Free Speech and Liberty Symposium the room is filling up quite well, very well for 9 o'clock on a weekday. The issue of free speech is certainly one that resonates with a lot of people, many of whom have traveled considerable distances to be here.

Joseph Ben Ami, President of Canadian Centre for Policy Studies, gives the welcome.

This conference, and indeed this issue, brings together people from different political backgrounds and perspectives. From journalists to professors, people with a judicial focus to people with an academic focus, Liberals and Conservatives.

This difference in perspective gives us a far more interesting view of the situation and shows that this is truly a non-partisan cause.

The objective for today is not to rehash what we all know, but to go into greater detail about these issues and to present practical things that we can do.

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  1. When did free speech in Canada become an "issue"?